Foods to Avoid to Stay Younger Always


modelThey say aging is inevitable, but we can always put it off until the last possible moment. Getting older without getting wrinkles is a dream most of us desire to achieve. Every day in our bodies, 432 billion cells die and are replaced by new ones. These new cells are the key to regeneration that happens in our bodies. Doctors and researcher give the 432 billion number as an estimate. We have compiled this guide from what to researchers and models day on ways to stay younger, healthy and good looking for longer.

For one to stay younger, there are two critical issues we have to look at; Degeneration and regeneration factors. Cells in our digestive systems get replaced every five minutes. The liver receives replaced every five months while a new skin covering happens every four weeks.  The heart gets replaced by new cells every six to nine months. What these facts mean is that you can almost get a better and more functioning body every year after cell get regenerated.

Degeneration Vs Regeneration

The question lies on if you are regenerating or degenerating. If you are regenerating, good news, you will stay younger for longer. If you are degenerating, then it’s terrible news. The food determines the quality of cells we have in our bodies we take as well as the activities we engage our bodies in. If we feed our bodies with the right foods, the cells that get formed are stronger and healthier, a process we call regeneration. If the body is poorly fed, the result will be the formation of inferior cells in what we call degeneration.


What Causes Degeneration

When your cells are degenerating, it means you are feeding your body with food that lacks nutrients. These types of food include;

Processed food – This food contains calories but is dead in vital nutrients. Processed foods lack enzymes that are required for proper digestion to take place. Research has shown that diets that are high in processed foods increase the risk of depression.


Another food to avoid is sugar. Sugar is known as white death for many reasons, including how it depresses the immune system. One teaspoon of sugar is enough to depress the immune system for a record two hours. Sugar depletes calcium and overworks the pancreas while creating a roller coaster effect. Sugar doesn’t contain any minerals or vitamins, just a lot of fat building calories.


alcoholTo stay younger for longer, you have to avoid alcohol at all costs. Alcohol is toxic to the liver and depletes vitamin D in the body. It inhibits the ability of the bone marrow to regenerate blood cells. Alcohol also affects the nerve connection between brain cells hindering communication.

Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are common in deep fried and baked foods. These foods contain a lot of free radicals that injure the cell membrane, DNA and enzymes. Fatty acids stress the digestive system and raise cholesterol levels in the body. Another substance to avoid us caffeine which puts stress on the adrenal glands negatively affecting the nervous system. To stay younger always, take a lot of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Additionally, drinks a lot of fresh water and exercise as much as you can.

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