Tips to Feel More Active and Energetic

energyA key to being happy is feeling energetic. Studies have it that when you feel energetic, you feel much better towards yourself. On the contrary, if you feel exhausted, tasks that would otherwise make you feel happy turn to be overwhelming. If you find yourself feeling sluggish or fighting to stay alert during important moments, or even struggling with adrenal fatigue due to exhaustion, then its time you make a change on a couple of things you might be doing wrong.

When you go to grocery stores, you will find multitudes of stocked vitamins, supplements, herbs and other products as labeled as energy boosters. However, there is very little or proven scientific evidence that shows if these energy boosters ever work. There are a couple of things you can do when your energy levels are low.

Control Stress

Emotions that are induced as a result of stress usually consume huge amounts of your energy. If you are suffering from this type of stress, it may be taking all your energy away. To diffuse it, you need to talk to a friend or relative, join a support group or see a psychotherapist. There are relaxation therapies such as meditation, yoga, self-hypnosis, and tai-chi that can be very effective in reducing stress.

Lighten Your Workload

One of the leading reasons we get fatigued is the burden we place ourselves with excess work. Try to streamline your work and avoid doing everything from the onset. Put a list of must-do activities that you need to sort out first. Set out your priorities and do not allow distractions to encroach your way. If necessary, consider asking for extra help from colleagues to assist in clearing your work.


Exercise is very important in a couple of ways. First, it opens up your body and ensures you sleep more soundly. Exercise also gives your cells more energy to burn calories and circulate oxygen to every tissue in your body. Exercise also causes your body to release out stress hormones to help you feel more energized.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking has a lot of negative health effects on your body. One thing that many do not know is that smoking siphons off your energy due to its cause of insomnia. The nicotine that is found in tobacco is a stimulant. This means it speeds your heart rate to raise blood pressure. It thus stimulates the activity of the brainwave that is associated with wakefulness to make it harder for you to sleep. Once you fall to fall asleep, its addictive power takes in to awaken your cravings leading to eventual tiredness as a result of lack of sleep.


Important Skin Care Tips You Should Follow

skinThere are hundreds of skin care tricks and hacks, as well as thousands of skin care products that all promise to be the next wonder solution for any skin. However, it doesn’t matter how good they are if you do not follow the basic beauty routine for taking care of your skin. If you want to achieve the optimal skin care, you need to know your skin type to determine which products would work best for you.

Here are essential skin care tips you to maintain a healthy and nourished skin.

Always Moisturize

Moisturizing your skin is very important to keep it in good shape. When your skin is exposed to sun rays and other forms of pollution, these elements strip the skin of its natural oils causing it to tan and age very early. You need to apply light and non-greasy day cream with ingredients such as Aloe vera, grape seed among others that help in cell repair and regeneration. During rainy days, your skin also needs to, and high care is required to protect it from dampness and pollution.

Control Moisture

Control oiliness and moisture that is caused by humidity. You should do this cleansing at least once every week. You should look for a mask product that is based on tea tree or extracts of green tea. These products help in exfoliating the skin and preventing any breakouts by removing impurities and dead cells from the skin pores.

Apply Sunscreen

Applying sunscreen is a must if you want to have a good looking skin. No matter how cloudy it may look like, your skin will always need to get protected from the sun. Ensure that you choose a sunscreen that works with your skin. Make use of nothing below SPF 30 and pick one that is lightweight, non-sticky and made of ultra-matte finish. Apply sunscreen when your skin gets exposed to the sun for an extended period.

Choose Right Skincare Products

To bring out the fresh, natural glow of your skin, you need to use the right skin care products that work with you. Choose products that are infused with natural ingredients such as honey and Aloe Vera as they have multi-beneficial effects on your body.  When using a cleanser, ensure that it is soap free. Limit washing your face two to three times per day with a soap-free cleanser. It is essential to exfoliate your skin to get rid of any dead layers.

Foods to Avoid to Stay Younger Always


modelThey say aging is inevitable, but we can always put it off until the last possible moment. Getting older without getting wrinkles is a dream most of us desire to achieve. Every day in our bodies, 432 billion cells die and are replaced by new ones. These new cells are the key to regeneration that happens in our bodies. Doctors and researcher give the 432 billion number as an estimate. We have compiled this guide from what to researchers and models day on ways to stay younger, healthy and good looking for longer.

For one to stay younger, there are two critical issues we have to look at; Degeneration and regeneration factors. Cells in our digestive systems get replaced every five minutes. The liver receives replaced every five months while a new skin covering happens every four weeks.  The heart gets replaced by new cells every six to nine months. What these facts mean is that you can almost get a better and more functioning body every year after cell get regenerated.

Degeneration Vs Regeneration

The question lies on if you are regenerating or degenerating. If you are regenerating, good news, you will stay younger for longer. If you are degenerating, then it’s terrible news. The food determines the quality of cells we have in our bodies we take as well as the activities we engage our bodies in. If we feed our bodies with the right foods, the cells that get formed are stronger and healthier, a process we call regeneration. If the body is poorly fed, the result will be the formation of inferior cells in what we call degeneration.


What Causes Degeneration

When your cells are degenerating, it means you are feeding your body with food that lacks nutrients. These types of food include;

Processed food – This food contains calories but is dead in vital nutrients. Processed foods lack enzymes that are required for proper digestion to take place. Research has shown that diets that are high in processed foods increase the risk of depression.


Another food to avoid is sugar. Sugar is known as white death for many reasons, including how it depresses the immune system. One teaspoon of sugar is enough to depress the immune system for a record two hours. Sugar depletes calcium and overworks the pancreas while creating a roller coaster effect. Sugar doesn’t contain any minerals or vitamins, just a lot of fat building calories.


alcoholTo stay younger for longer, you have to avoid alcohol at all costs. Alcohol is toxic to the liver and depletes vitamin D in the body. It inhibits the ability of the bone marrow to regenerate blood cells. Alcohol also affects the nerve connection between brain cells hindering communication.

Fatty Acids

Fatty acids are common in deep fried and baked foods. These foods contain a lot of free radicals that injure the cell membrane, DNA and enzymes. Fatty acids stress the digestive system and raise cholesterol levels in the body. Another substance to avoid us caffeine which puts stress on the adrenal glands negatively affecting the nervous system. To stay younger always, take a lot of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Additionally, drinks a lot of fresh water and exercise as much as you can.